My Wishes Day 24th

Z9Q_y2oihjn3z_Zu3PgYEg I am now officially 24 years old. I feel something different on my birthday this time. not because of the celebration or stuffs but I just feel like this is a new blank page in my life, that I am ready to fill with awesomeness, Amin. I’ve been through many things in my life yesterday, good and bad things. I know that I’ll find much more tomorrow , but.. I really thank God for everysingle thing that happens in my life. And the lesson he gave me. I recieved many birthday wishes from you guys, I read them all. Thankyou, Thanks a lot. I feel blessed. and all of your nice prayers for me are also for all of us πŸ™‚

well back to topic now.. actually my birthday is not so special, but still special cause until now Allah always blessing my life for 24 years and i hope for a looooong life and i still have my mom and my family even my father has gone but i know he’s always bless me for a good life :”) very miss him but i only can pray to Allah for him.. love you papa! and alhamdulillah the people around me blessing me for my new age to be a better person for next time.. thank you guys! love ya πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

soooo yea, happy birthday to me. and to you who’s having a birthday too πŸ™‚