Review: Eat Bulgogi In Sun Plaza Medan


i am going to show you my favourite Bulgogi in Medan! it’s ZingDo! once you’ve tried this restaurant, you can not eat Bulgogi anywhere else anymore…


i ordered a bowl of Bulgogi chicken Myon,  and it comes with a little lettuce leaves on the side. but i ate it just the way it is because it’s already Sooooo Goooooddd!!!

Bulgogi is a Korean meat dishes. Meat used include beef sirloin or a good part of beef.

Bulgogi seasoning is a mixture of soy sauce and sugar plus other herbs and prescription depends on the area in Korea. Prior to eat, lettuce is used to wrap the Bulgogi with Kimchi, garlic, or other flavoring to taste. Bulgogi is my Favourite seafood at the moment.

and i already swore on that day that it’s the best Bulgogi i have ever had in my life.


while my sister ordered a bowl of seafood Kimchi Myon. Kimchi is a traditional Korean food, one of the types of pickled vegetables fermented spicy flavored. Once salted and washed, mixed vegetables with shrimp seasoning made ​​from krill, fish sauce, garlic, ginger and red chili powder.

i ordered a bowl’s of Bulgogi chicken Myon. there are 2 bowl’s around 63.700 IDR and a bowl of seafood Kimchi Myon around 25.890 IDR per person.

the price is not so expensive at Zing Do but do remember that this is pleasurable experience that you will always remember in your life.

and of course, the price doesn’t lie. although it is not expensive but you will never regret the quality that they serve to you.


in case you want to visit ZingDo at Sun Plaza, here’s the address:

Jl KH Zainul Arifin 7 Plaza Sun Bl A Level 4/26 Darat, Medan Baru

Sun Plaza Lt. 4 – A26 (Home cinema)
Hours: 11.00 22:00
Phone: 4501268
fax: 4501270
to sum up, here’s my personal rating of this restaurant:
food: 8,8 / 10 (quality, taste, variety)
service: 8,5 / 10 (product knowledge, speed, etiquette)
place: 8 / 10 (hygiene, location, atmosphere)