Review : Listerine Natural Green Tea Antiseptic Mouth Wash


However, This sample was arrived at my house since early this September.


In the package it contains the sample sized mouth wash (80ml) and a pamphlet on the mouth wash! The plastic bottles has a curve in are for easy gripping. The screw in cap can be used as measurement of amount of mouthwash to use.

Ingredients & Functions

It contains double dose of fluoride. Fluoride is known to prevent tooth decay, while enhancing the resistance of enamel towards erosion (due to acid exposure such as consumption of high-sugar sweets or drinks).

Also contains essential oils. That essential oils is a very good bacterial fighter. Essential oil like Thymol, Menthol, Methyl Salicylate and Eucalyptol helps fight plaque and prevent gum infection (bleeding).
It is alcohol free too which is very good as most mouthwash contains alcohol and it’s one of the main ingredient. Alcohol will cause dryness to our mouth and also killing the good bacteria. It is also said that alcohol may lead to oral cancer.
MY Review

When I first put the mouth wash into my mouth, the mouth wash feel mild to me. Its not too strong. Also it produces a mint green tea taste. So its not difficult to gargle in my mouth for 30 seconds.

The liquid is cooling and I feel as if I am drinking soft drink during gargling.

Most importantly, my teeth is very clean. When I wake up the next day morning, can feel my teeth using my tongue, is still as clean. And no bad breath.

So those who have not use a mouth wash before, this is a good mouth wash to start with.

What I like?

I love this new green baby. I NEVER like any mouth wash before! Because this has less burning effect and smell must better than the other mouth wash. After using it, immediately, my gum don’t bleed the next morning. Unbelievable!!!! Now I use them everyday!

I actually finishing the bottle given to me for review and bought a new bottle already!

What I don’t like?

Nothing much actually except the over minty feeling on my mouth… or it’s a slight burn effect but it’s still okay for me, definitely better than other Flavour or brands I tried..

Where to buy?
Listerine Natural Green Tea Antiseptic Mouth Wash can be found at supermarkets, hypermarkets, personal care stores and pharmacies at a recommended retail price of IDR 8.715 for 80 ml and IDR 18 – 21.995 for 250ml.

Where to get sample?
80ml of Listerine Natural Green Tea Antiseptic Mouth Wash sample can be redeem from their listerine website. I have also posted the sample redemption in my blog. you may go to this link  to find out. or

To get a sample of the mouth wash, all you have to do is fill in a form here: , wait for an email in which you have to approve to get your sample and after the approval, you’ll be glad to know that the sample is on it’s way to your doorsteps!

Note: This sample is only available for people in Indonesia

 That’s all from me today! Hope you enjoy reading and smile!