MBK Mall Accessories

As a creative, I am always in search of style and find my greatest inspiration in the simple details of everyday life, like the beautiful city I live in and during my travel around the world. Each time I stumble upon a new find, it leaves me feeling happy and complete. I see fashion in the same way. I’ve refined my tastes according to what I truly envision myself wearing, and continually search for inspiration and ways to subtly weave in new items to create new styles that reflect these tastes. That’s why I love accessories. Because each item, no matter how small, ties everything seamlessly together in a beautiful, effortless way.

Jewelry is my most prized accessory and something I put a great deal of thought into because it’s very personal to me. Because of this, and the fact that  I am very particular about what I will wear, I don’t post about jewelry very often. So when I saw these 8 gorgeous pieces from MBK Mall in Thailand, I instantly knew they are 100% my style – simple, elegant and refined – easy to wear everyday and hand selected to compliment not only my style, but my mood as well.

With each piece of jewelry, I’m reminded of the simple triumphs in life. The ones I might otherwise forget. The ones that just make the moment or set a memory – these are the ones I treasure the most.

I prefer delicate black & white banggles, though I’ll sometimes wear red & green too. Something about the refined style leaves me feeling a bit more ladylike. MBK Mall accesories suitable to wear both day and night. I love the elephant detail in this Mbk Mall accesories. Mbk mall accesories is the perfect addition to my casual style that I wear everyday.