About Me


My name is Jati Kusumawati, but you can call me Jati. Why my name is Jati? Ja→”my father’s first name” and Ti→”in indonesian (3 = tiga) i was child number three”. And in javanese, Kusuma means “flowers” and Wati means “smart women”. So, I’m trying to figure out the meaning of my name, means ” a beautiful of smart women”. Hopefully I can beauty inside and outside like a Cherrybelle’s song (you are beautiful) LOL! Hahaha.

I’m an Indonesian personal blogger also ex nurse and now freelance writer. And I’m so proud of it! I became a personal enthusiast since 2010 after I realized that move on from my boyfriend. So at the same year I start to post something about in my personal happens.

I was born in Palembang, 30 Mei 1990 (Yoona Girls Generation Birthday).

I was graduated from Diploma 3 from Nursing Academy of Langkat District Government batch XIV. And Bachelor from High School Health Sciences of North Sumatera majoring in nursing science.

After a long journey, I finally found my passion to work as a social media specialist.

Well, I have normal eyes with straight hair and 100% javanese white skin. I personally fallen in love with ocha tea although it will my slim tummy after drink. Weird, isn’t it?

I also to share everything about my daily life, food and travel journey on my instagram hahaha. My IG: @jtkusuma.

Beside that, I love to seek new place to eat and hangout without my boyfriend (LDR still 1 years).

Sorry for my bad english grammar and misspells. Because I live in Indonesia, I decided to write down everything in both languages (bahasa and english).


All products mentioned in this blog were based on my own experience. I never copied someone else post. So, I hope you did it too!

Thank’s for reading

My Contact:

  • EMAIL: jatikusumawati90@gmail.com