Oversized T-Shirt

One comfortable piece of clothing that I particularly love is the oversized shirt. I have been collecting oversized shirts in basic black and white, but have also recently been feeling a braver than usual with printed and colored ones. It’s easy to look sloppy with oversized shirts, especially if you pair them with oversized bottoms,… Continue reading Oversized T-Shirt


Tangkahan Activities! There’s A Lot On The Water

There is another place to enjoy the water in North Sumatera. You may not think it, there are a lot of Tangkahan Activities that take place on the water. Away from the beach is a popular destination for people in North Sumatera. One of the reasons it’s sometimes overlooked is that people simply want to… Continue reading Tangkahan Activities! There’s A Lot On The Water


Opening Uniqlo Store In Medan

Horas!! mungkin itu yang selalu orang bilang kalau pertama kali ngomong Medan. Jadi hari ini, Uniqlo resmi buka cabang di Medan. Dan satu – satunya di pulau Sumatra. Dapat lokasinya bagus di ground floor Sun Plaza.   Karena nggak mau terburu-buru, jadi Gw tiba di Sun Plaza pukul 11 pagi. Karena Gw tiba jam segitu… Continue reading Opening Uniqlo Store In Medan